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Volume 42 Issue 6 2023
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Structure and application of SWAT-MODFLOW coupling model for surface-groundwater
LIU Wenchong, ZHAO Liangjie, CUI Yali, CAO Jianwen, WANG Ying, LI Meiling
2023, 42(6): 1131-1139.   doi: 10.11932/karst2023y014
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Research on water flow attenuation process and regulating capacity in karst vadose zone
ZHANG Yibo, WANG Jinguo, LIU Ruitong
2023, 42(6): 1140-1148.   doi: 10.11932/karst20230601
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Analysis of water environment dynamic characteristics and travertine deposition capacity in Huanglong core scenic spots
LIU Xinze, ZHANG Qingming, SUN Dong, TANG Shu, TIAN Changbao, HUANG Heping, ZHOU Yaping, XIONG Yuxia, LIANG Xinyu, FAN Jiajun, FAN Ming, CHEN Hongwei
2023, 42(6): 1149-1160.   doi: 10.11932/karst20230602
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Evaluation system for the suitability of reservoir construction for pumped storage and optimization of its site selection in karst depressions
ZHANG Tao, ZUO Shuangying, SHEN Chunyong, ZHENG Kexun, CHEN Shiwan, ZHANG Qing, LEI Lin, WU Zongqin
2023, 42(6): 1161-1172.   doi: 10.11932/karst20230603
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Characteristics of karst development and water abundance of the Beiya Gold Deposit in Heqing county of Yunnan
HE Xiang, DONG Xuelan, YANG Chao, LIU Peng, XUE Boqiang
2023, 42(6): 1173-1182.   doi: 10.11932/karst2023y025
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Equilibrium analysis and prediction evaluation of the Heilongtan groundwater system in Lijiang of northwestern Yunnan Province
REN Shichuan, YANG Xiaoyan, YANG Yingbin, LIU Haifeng, YANG Fan
2023, 42(6): 1183-1192.   doi: 10.11932/karst20230604
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Characteristics of temperature field of the Heilongtan groundwater system in Lijiang
CHEN Xin, ZHENG Kexun, HAN Xiao, TIAN Mao
2023, 42(6): 1193-1201.   doi: 10.11932/karst20230605
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Screening and isolation of carbonic anhydrase-producing microorganisms from rocky karst habitats
CHANG Kaiyun, WANG Zhongcheng, WEI Xiaomeng, LIU Qiumei, ZHAO Jin, ZHAO Jie, HE Xunyang
2023, 42(6): 1202-1212.   doi: 10.11932/karst20230606
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Stoichiometric characteristics of soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in different stages of vegetation succession at karst graben basin of Yunnan Province, China
HU Lin'an, QIU Jiangmei, LI Qiang
2023, 42(6): 1213-1223.   doi: 10.11932/karst20230607
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