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Volume 43 Issue 2 2024
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2024, 43(2): 219-227.   doi: 10.11932/karst2024y019
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410 ka weak monsoon event recorded by stalagmites in Jinfo Cave of Chongqing
XU Yibin, YANG Xunlin, YUAN Daoxian, HU Mingguang, GE Xiaoyan, GONG Meng
2024, 43(2): 228-238.   doi: 10.11932/karst20240201
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2024, 43(2): 239-252.   doi: 10.11932/karst2023y030
Abstract FullText HTML PDF(4173KB) icon70 icon208
Sedimentary and palaeoclimatic characteristics of planation surface at the edge of typical karst plateau: A case study of Luota and Jiaba sctions in Xiangxi
WU Liangjun, WANG Pujun, ZHANG Jing, XIN Cunlin, RONG Yuebing, CHEN Weihai, ZHANG Yuanhai, HUANG Chao
2024, 43(2): 253-271.   doi: 10.11932/karst20240202
Abstract FullText HTML PDF(4473KB) icon0 icon0
Indicative function of karst spring temperatures on rainfall-flow response
HE Qing, CHEN Xi, ZHANG Zhicai, CHENG Qinbo
2024, 43(2): 272-278, 335.   doi: 10.11932/karst2024y003
Abstract FullText HTML PDF(1718KB) icon62 icon222
Hydrochemical characteristics and formation mechanism of karst water in Baotu Spring watershed
WANG Nan, XU Qin, SUN Xiaoyan, WU Xiancang, LI Changsuo, GAO Shuai
2024, 43(2): 279-290.   doi: 10.11932/karst20240203
Abstract FullText HTML PDF(3008KB) icon11 icon4
Runoff simulation of modified SWAT model in karst watershed: A case study of Yangjichong sub-watershed
YANG Li, YANG Guangbin, LI Yiqiu, LI Man
2024, 43(2): 291-301.   doi: 10.11932/karst2024y011
Abstract FullText HTML PDF(2006KB) icon45 icon209
Research and application of groundwater level as a water replenishment control signal in the restoration of Lijiang Heilongtan spring group
HAN Xiao, WANG Senlin, HE Rui, ZHENG Kexun
2024, 43(2): 302-313.   doi: 10.11932/karst2024y007
Abstract FullText HTML PDF(4296KB) icon5 icon0
Influence of hydrogeological conditions on the pollution of karst underground rivers
LIU Hao, TIAN Maozhong, CHEN Zaiqian
2024, 43(2): 314-325.   doi: 10.11932/karst2023y040
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Editor-in-chief: Jiang Zhongcheng

Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

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